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Emergency generator sets for every application area

We are your specialist for genset and switchgear  with many years of international experience. Individual or complete systems with a very high technical standard are supplied for every application. In order to increase quality and efficiency for operations, we continuously develop emergency generator sets and other solutions.

We offer the complete range of services from development and planning to drafting up to full production with subsequent set-up and commissioning on site. We put special emphasis on customised systems for power generation for your company. Almost everything is possible - from simple energy generators to highly complex emergency generator sets – please speak with MITTES engineering GmbH!

Innovative power generation according to your needs

Also orders received on short notice are processed immediately by our team. Due to our cross-country network, we also handle major international projects in a timely manner. What do you require? We set up emergency power generator sets with different models:

Open plants

 Stationary diesel generators for individual installation in buildings.

Insulated power generators 

These power generator sets can be used when installation in a building is not feasible or is not desired.

Turn-key container systems

They are generator sets which consist of one or more individual plants. Power generator sets This type is set up when installation in buildings is more longer technically possible or is not desired.

Switch systems

 Our technicians plan and build switch systems for your special applications. We also set up and retrofit existing mains replacement plants so that they are the state of the art. This means that any existing power generator sets are converted to network synchronisation.

Advantages of our emergency power generator sets

Many years of know-how and the product experience of our employees goes into our products and are continuously improving the quality of emergency generator sets. Your advantages:

  • There are no longer interruptions when the mains supply comes back on line.
  • With the generator sets, it is possible to perform a load test without gaps.
  • The diesel engines can run on nominal load and thereby have a longer service life.

We also provide comprehensive service with maintenance, commissioning and spare parts delivery.